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Achieve top performance with PQ Mental Fitness and learn to deal with crises and challenges like a Jedi Master!

As with physical fitness, we can also train our mental fitness!

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Just as our physical fitness level determines whether we can jog at a leisurely pace for just 20 minutes or complete a marathon in under 4 hours, our mental fitness (strength and stamina) determines the level of challenge we can master in our everyday personal and professional lives.

PQ Mental Fitness Assessment: Discover your Saboteurs!

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This is what my Saboteurs initially looked like... (excerpt)

Whether we consciously deal with our daily tasks in a calm, clear and creative manner or allow fear, anger and uncertainty to hamper us  depends on: 

A) How serious the challenge is, and
B) How mentally robust we are in that moment.

This means we need to keep our mental batteries charged throughout the day. Charging stations can be tapped every few hours through short, simple, body based exercises. Since every day brings its own challenges, our mental fitness is crucial for our quality of life.

No one is sufficiently mentally fit enough to fully master every situation. It is part of the human condition that we are taken hostage by our Saboteurs from time to time.

The fitter we are mentally, the less often this will happen and, when it does happen, the quicker we will recover and return to a state of equilibrium. We call the ability to recover quickly resilience. My role model here is Novak Djokovic. All top athletes have a high degree of mental strength. They train both physically and mentally.

The same rule applies here as with physical fitness: ‘Use it or lose it!’ We only stay fit and gain further fitness if we keep at it. Mental fitness is therefore a decision for life.

How our mental fitness coaching and training works:

In addition to the app-based PQ training, with me you get a coach and companion who knows your issues from personal experience and has been practicing mental fitness on a daily basis for a long time. In addition, I will provide you with the tools and practical support that will enable you to move away from negative emotions, endless mental turmoil, and reactive behavior towards creativity, self-confidence and fearless action, regardless of the intensity of your daily challenges.

Your unique personality, values and goals shape the content of our coaching.

PQ Mental Fitness Insights to Practice Ratio pie chart

PQ Mental Fitness Coaching: the deliverables!

Progress can be monitored (left) and the results are impressive:

"Principle of hope" or science?

The latest research findings from positive psychology, neuroscience, cognitive psychology and performance science, form the scientific basis of PQ Mental Fitness.

Shirzad Chamine, successful entrepreneur from Silicone Valley and lecturer in Positive Psychology at Stanford University, has developed a mental fitness model called Positive Intelligence (PQ). Since PQ was founded in 2019, over 500,000 participants in 50 countries, over 100 CEOs and top athletes have participated in and, with their feedback, enhanced the program. The result is an app-based 8-week training program with short daily exercises, so-called PQ Reps, to train the three main muscles for mental fitness, with a proven physiological effect on the relevant parts of the brain.

In addition to the exercises that are practiced daily during the eight weeks, seven one-hour video tutorials and the audio book by Shirzad Chamine are included.

You can also find all further information in the book “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine, which is available at all good book sellers.

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Mental Fitness Trainer, & Transformation Coach: Patrick Little

If this resonates with you, I am the person who can help. We can further explore PQ and answer any questions you may have at our initial meeting which you can book, free of charge, here.

As your Mental Fitness Trainer, I will help you acquire, maintain, and master a state of mental fitness that will substantially improve your performance while eliminating stress.

As your Transformation Coach I will assist you in identifying and overcoming internal and external obstacles as you align your actions with your passions and deepest values. I will guide you gently as you put this learning into practice and achieve your desired outcomes.

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