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Positive Intelligence (PQ)
Mental Fitness will enable you to

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I. The Triangle of Constraints

Any human endeavour unfolds within the constraints of Power, Quality, and Time. Seen as a triangle, any change at one point will have an impact on the others. For example, to reduce Time to completion, we would need to increase the resources (Power), or to lower the Quality standards. Understanding the nature of this closed system is the key to reaching our desired outcomes and attaining success.

* T1 < T, Q1 < Q

II. Utilising Available Resources

Taking a closer look at the Power component, we see that it can be made up of a number of obvious, and not so obvious components. Budget, staff, knowledge, and influence are among the more easily identifiable categories.

Our state of Mental Fitness rarely gets attention, although studies now show that this has a huge impact on stress, performance, teamwork, and ultimate success.

Imagine your battery is permanently in the lower third without you being able to recognize this and take countermeasures. To use another image, if you are not mentally fit, you are driving with the handbrake on. Building mental fitness frees up enormous amounts of energy.

III. Building Mental Fitness

When we have not yet mastered Mental Fitness, we are really driving with the hand brake on. When we are under pressure, our Saboteurs (nine in all, which, together with the universal Master Saboteur – Judge) repeatedly take us hostage, in thought and action.

These Saboteurs, which reside in the left-brain hemisphere (Saboteur Brain) are: Avoider, Controller, Hyper-Achiever, Hyper-Rational, Hyper-Vigilant, Pleaser, Restless, Stickler, and Victim.

Each of us has a very personal combination, an individual team line-up or constellation of saboteurs, variously developed in terms of their respective strengths. This free Saboteur Assessment will provide you an overview of your own saboteur configuration.

They all keep us in check with lies like: ”Either I’m in control or I’m out of control”. As long as we are unconsciously directed, do not learn to see through these lies; to identify, intercept, and take the wind out of the sails of our Saboteurs, we will never come close to realizing our true potential.

The right hemisphere of the brain is the seat of our Sage Brain . In order to fully activate and manifest our positive potential, we must act with empathy for ourselves and others.This is important because, once we begin to judge ourselves for having the destructive thought patterns, we are now even tighter in the grip or our Saboteurs. 

Approaching difficult situations with wonder, openness, and curiosity, bringing the willingness to tread to new ground, developing innovative solutions and tuning in to our intuition and inner wisdom. We must learn to listen to it and, thereupon, develop the ability to act fearlessly with clarity and decisiveness.

Empathise, Explore, Innovate, Navigate and Activate are our so-called Sage Powers.

The Sage Perspective, from which we learn to think and act, states that every situation, no matter how ”bad” it may appear, contains a gift.

VI. Training Three Muscles for Mental Fitness

The third component of PQ Mental Fitness, is our capacity to quickly switch from Saboteur to Sage. This requires training of the Mind Command Muscle. We train this muscle by means of an array of brief physically-sensitive exercises spread out throughout each day. With every exercise we are re-wiring the neural pathways of the brain. After 6 to 8 weeks, we can already see tangible benefits of this training, just as we would see and feel changes in our body after a period of consistent, continuous working out in the gym. All our self-generated distress in the forms of anxiety, disappointment, stress, anger, shame, guilt – all the unpleasant stuff that makes up our suffering – will be greatly reduced. We begin to operate in ease and flow.

The PQ Foundation Module comprises eight weeks of App-based continuous daily practice (30 minutes spread out over each day), weekly video tutorials, and 60-minute coaching sessions with me each week. Depending on your location and schedule, meetings can take place in person or online. The PQ App is a powerful tool which helps us maintain our practice over time.

What you learn in this SoberOasis Transformation Process will stand to you in every area of your life, in terms of better realtionships, improved performance, restored health, and a higher sense of fulfilment. This programme is made up of 20% insight and 80% practice. With empathy and clarity, I will guide you through both. This is ”coaching from the inside out”.

The practice is provided by means of the PQ-App, a Gold Standard tool which can be used on any device. In this way, it is easy to maintain the ongoing training and to monitor your own progress. The Module includes the PQ App; you retain the right to use it for one full year after you have completed the Foundation Module.

Typical screenshots from the PQ App

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PQ Mental Fitness Trainer
SoberOasis Founder, Mental Fitness Trainer, & Transformation Coach: Patrick Little

If this resonates with you, I am the person who can help. We can further explore PQ and answer any questions you may have at our initial meeting which you can book, free of charge, here.

As your Mental Fitness Trainer, I will help you acquire, maintain, and master a state of mental fitness that will substantially improve your performance while eliminating stress.

As your Transformation Coach I will assist you in identifying and overcoming internal and external obstacles as you align your actions with your passions and deepest values. I will guide you gently as you put this learning into practice and achieve your desired outcomes.